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Directorate electrical safety

  • Directorate of Electrical Safety, U.P. Govt. department of Energy, whose Head Office is situated in Vibhuti Khand-2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The Organizational details of Directorate are given in appendix 1.1. Under section-162 of "The Electricity Act 2003", Director Electrical Safety has been appointed as “Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt. of U.P.” and other officers as Electrical Inspector. Director is also the Ex-officio Chairman of ‘Board of Examiners (Electricity)'.The main functions of Directorate are as follows.

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Safety Instructions

  • Switch off equipment when not in use.
  • Never work on live installation, but work only by shutting down the installation.
  • Use air conditioner as minimum as possible.

Suggestions for safety

  • Do not tie your animals near electric poles / stays.
  • Do not dry clothes near electric wire / cable.
  • Do not use katiya connection.
  • Do not use electricity through earth wire / earthing.
  • Always use ISI wiring material and tools.
  • Always use ISI mark protective device.
  • Promptly inform local. Electrical Safety office about any electrical accident.
  • Switch off equepmrnt. when not in use.
  • Never work on live wire / installation.
  • Always use safety and protective tools while working on electrical installation.
  • In case of fire switch off power supply immediately.