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  • Save The Electricity For Tomorrow's Future Tomorrow.
  • Close The Device Immediately After Consuming.
  • Turn Off The Power Of The Fire With The Fire.
  • Use Low Capacity Bulbs Instead Of Bulk Of More Capacity.
  • Use Compact- Lorient.
  • Never Work On Live Installation, But Work Only By Shutting Down The Installation.
  • Use The Air Conditioner At Least.

Vidyut Suraksha Nideshalaya

  • Directorate of Electrical Security, Uttar Pradesh Government, Department of Energy, Uttar Pradesh is an organizational department, whose head office is located in Vibhuti Block-2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. There are 11 Regional Offices and 38 Zonal Offices in the State. The details of organization of the Directorate are given in Appendix 1.1. Under the Section-16 of the Director, Electricity Safety 'The Electricity Act 2003', the state's "Electricity Inspector" is appointed. The Director is also the ex-officio President of 'Electricity Security’ ‘Board of examiner (Electricity)'. The main functions of the Directorate of Electrical Safety are as follows

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